Keeping Healthy And Fit For The Rest Of Your Life

It is not a strange thing to hear people talk, again and again, about keeping fit, staying healthy, eating healthy and on related topics. It has now become a buzz word and many firms, private coaches, video tutorials, books and whatnot have come out. Is this all worth it? Is it an important topic to consider?

Current situation

In a study done in Australia it was found out that people live longer than previously, however almost half are struggling with a minimum of one chronic disorder, which affects the quality of life. It can also become a headache to the families and anyone who takes care of them. These continuing conditions are the leading reason of ill health in Australia. They have serious insinuations for the health system. Most of these conditions are related to lifestyle habits and factors such as overweight and obesity, inadequate corporeal action, smoking and usage of alcohol and so on. However there are signals of behavioural changes to the positive, predominantly among youngsters. More and more people are seeking help of a personal trainer Parramatta and joining gyms or taking walks and learning to cycle to work. 


Rates of daily smoking have fallen since 1989–90. In 2014–15, it was estimated that 14.5% people, who are aged 18 years and higher smoked daily. In the same period of time, 17% of the same age group, used up on average more than two typical drinks per day, hence going beyond the risk guideline for lifetime. Considering the same period, only 50% of adults and 68% children had sufficient portions of fruit in their diets. This is worse when it comes to vegetables, going as low as 7% for adults and 5% for children. More than 50% adults were not active enough to get a health benefit and among oldies of 65 and above, 75% were not active at all. Overweight and obese adults amounted up to a staggering 63% in 2014-15 time period. For children it was around 27%. This goes on and on but the statistics give us a clear and concise picture of the dreadful situation we are in and stress on the exercises and food habit changes that are required.

Steps to take

It is not too hard to start even now. Presumably no one wants to be in the obese category or suffer from any disease that is going to bug you for the rest of your life. It is not too difficult to get enrolled in a decent corporate personal training programme or simply take a walk. Walking or cycling to work is also a popular activity nowadays. Managing the food preferences is important; cut down in oily, fatty food and also too sweet ones as too much sugar has an effect on good health. Everything must start from your mind. If you have the heart to go ahead with starting to be more active and watch our what you eat, it is a good start for a long healthy life.

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